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11 Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Updated 29 April 2020

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Christmas is a time for both peace on Earth and peace throughout the galaxy. We’ve caught some of the geekiest Christmas decorations in our tractorbeam that’ll make any geek feel festive.

1. Star Trek Enterprise

Was Star Trek your favourite Space-O-Rama? Now you can have the USS Enterprise docked on your tree throughout the festive season. This ornament even has the ships reg number on it.

Source: flickr/davidswinney

2. For the Iphone Obsessed

This cool Christmas tree ornament will mean you won’t miss a single tweet over xmas celebrations. The mock Iphone has fake apps, a beautiful seaview background and glittery sides for that sparkly look.

Source: johannwanner

3. That’s no Moon

They celebrate Christmas in galaxies far far away right? Celebrate with this detailed X-wing ornament with space cannons and adjustable wings for the ultimate Star Wars geek. 

Source: etsy/actionfigureornaments

4. Retro Nintendo

Are you a diehard retro gamer? Nintendo enthusiasts can enjoy this NES controller Christmas decoration which looks surprisingly close to the 1980s original.

Source: photobucket

5. Recycled Keyboard

Give your geeked out tree a personalised touch with these recycled keyboard ornaments. These ones use the words ‘joy’ and ‘noel’ but if you were to make your own, the possibilities are endless.

Source: hackaday

6. Electronic Message

This cool looking ornament is not just for the tech obsessed, anybody would love it. It’s a great way of saying, Merry Christmas, seasons greetings or anything you want with it’s LED screen.

7. Recycled Circuit Board

Check out the sheer imagination that went into these cut-outs that are made out of recycled circuit-boards into Christmas trees. Save some as keepsakes for all the year round.

Source: therecomputing

8. RAM Star

This incredibly inventive way of recycling old CDs and circuits, the RAM star would look proud at the top of any tree. Let’s hope whatever was on the CD was as christmassy as it’s repurposed self.

9. Hmmmm… That is illogical Jim

Turn your very own Christmas tree into the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Spock and Kirk work together to solve deep space seasonal catastrophes, just in tiny ornament form.

Source: baklol

10….9….8….7….6….5….4….3….2….1….Blast Off!

Your own space shuttle for Christmas!  This miniature Apollo gets ready for takeoff from the centre of the see-through globe it sits in. This ornament would suit the space explorers amongst you.

11. Spaghetti Monster

What Christmas would be complete without giving praise to The Almighty Spaghetti Monster. This woolen beast holds its 2 turkey balls as it watches over as you open presents on Christmas morning.

Source: weburbanist

Seasons greetings to all the geeks of the world! Now you can show your true colors, whatever your nerdy vice may be. From Star Wars to Star Trek, CD ROMs to circuit boards, there’s an ornament for everyone here.