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10 Awesome Pimped Car Interiors

Updated 19 September 2021

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny is the father of a very active 2-year-old and has made plenty of mistakes buying toys over the last couple years so hopes his site can help others avoid the same fate.

When the boring interior of your new car just won’t do, take a look at how these people have transformed their vehicles into awesome pimped-out machines.  

1. Is it a Car or an XBOX?

This is a concept car from Suzuki. The original car was made in 2006, perhaps led by a Halo-obsessed Xbox fan with technical car modification prowess. Now, which button is the brake?

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Source: wordpress/davidcrew

2.Hello Kitty Car Interior

This interior was unveiled at the International Extreme Auto Show 2008 in Thailand. There is definitely a futuristic feminine feel to it. The steering wheel is the shape of a — frankly — creepy Hello Kitty. 

Source: blogspot/algoveanggur

3. Alpine’s 2003 Honda Civic Si

All in all, Alpine spent over a quarter of a million dollars on this Civic. This is a car so littered with electronics it could only be described as unprecedented. With it’s shocking blue interior and multiple monitors, the sticker price is a cool $250,000.

Source: motortrend

4. Homemade Glammed Up Interior

How many beads does it take to make the interior of a car “pimped”? The answer is, according to ‘The Purse Club’, A LOT! You have to admire the time and determination it must have taken to make this bejewelled beauty street worthy.

Source: flickr/harmiejay

5. Retro Interior

For those who turn their nose up at flash modern interiors, there is this retro interior that takes it back to the basics of the open road. This is more for the ‘lone road warrior’ with it’s rusted metal dash and exposed handbrake.

Source: flickr/buglugs

6.Rainbow Sick

This car must have belonged to someone like Mr. Jolly from psychoville. Driving it could make you feel a little nauseous. The bright, contrasting colors are enough to distract anyone cruising even remotely close to the clown-mobile.

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Source: worldoffemale

7. Fluffy Cuddle Monster

This is an ideal car if you need a cuddle. The orange fluff covers every inch of the interior in this car. The exterior is green astroturf for even more sensory experiences. Good luck at the car wash!

Source: imgur

8. Bling Bling

Have you ever wished you were sat in your living room instead of being sat in traffic? You should try this interior. The soft yellow velvet fabric covers not only the seats but the dash and doors. This is as close to being at home as you’ll get (if you share your interior taste with P Diddy).

9. Swish Swoosh!

Swiveling chairs; just what you need when travelling at 70mph. The buttery smooth interior of this car will have you relaxed and spinning 360 degrees to capture any viewpoint. To top it off the solid wood steering wheel makes this the ultimate pimped style.

10. Pink Louis Vuitton

Got the bag, got the shoes, now get the car. This flash interior is excessively ‘on brand’ with it’s Louis Vuitton pink dashboard, glittery seats and pimped white steering wheel. What better way to show up at the catwalk.

Source: fashionsmymiddlename

Whether your driving cross country or to the mall, having a pimped out automobile is the way to do it. Travel in ultimate style and comfort in any of these interiors whether it’s futuristic or downright weird. There’s no no room for conformity here.