CM - Pretty Foil Embossed PS Styles 2122090


  • 90 Foil Embossed Photoshop Styles
  • 6 Colors to choose from
  • 12 couture craft black digital paper backgrounds -300 DPI high resolution
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6 Awesome Text Effects & Styles for Photoshop
6 Awesome Text Effects & Styles for Photoshop
Photoshop ASL | Photoshop PSD | 2 ASL | 6 PSD | 3000x2000 Min | 4000x3500 Max | Smart Objects | 273 MB

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Ice Cool Text Effects - Frozen Photoshop Styles
Ice Cool Text Effects - Frozen Photoshop Styles
Photoshop (.ASL) | Photoshop (.PSD) | 10 MB

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Ice Cool Photoshop Styles

Ice Cool Photoshop Styles
1 ASL | 1 PSD | 1600 x 1000 px | 12,6 Mb

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Photoshop Styles - Glitter Effect

Photoshop Styles - Glitter Effect
1 ASL | Png preview | 10,9 Mb

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Christmas Styles PSD Templates (9 Styles)
Christmas Styles PSD Templates (9 Styles)
Photoshop (.PSD) | 9 Styles | 300 dpi / RGB | Fonts Included | 91 MB

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CM - Photoshop Victorian Styles 2102768


PSD | 425 MB RAR
12 Vintage Nineteenth Century type effects for Photoshop CS6 to CC17. Simply add your text to the smart layer provided, and skip all the crosshatching and layering! Includes the paper overlay and ornament as seen in the previews.
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CM - Sand Writing Photoshop Action 2087724

Want to transform a amazing effect of Sand from any Text or shape with one click? This is amazing and time saving.
Easy to use and Work with any Text or Shape.
This pack includes Sand Photoshop layer action for anyText or Shape. All the instructions are in the User Guide.pdf file included
Product Detail :
  • Easy Customizable
  • 1 Click Action
  • Organize layers
  • Easy Install
  • User Guide
  • Easy to Use
  • High quality and detail
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CM - Photoshop Glitch text effects Vol.2 2041383
CM - Photoshop Glitch text effects Vol.2 2041383


This set includes 12 different effects provided as PSD files, all working with smart object replacement. Just open the smart object layer, paste your design or write your text, and close the document - easy as that! In case you're not familiar with this system, I've included a PDF instructions sheet with pictures explaining the process.
These templates are fully editable and layered - which means that all the layers are named & arranged for easy editing. You can edit the TV static & scan lines textures, change the background color or add your own picture as a background, modify the hue and saturation of the effect, and of course replace the text with your own. Fonts download links included.
The PSD files are 3000 x 2200 large, with a resolution of 300 DPI to ensure a good quality if you are using these effects for printed designs.
Please note: these effects are designed for texts and one-color only graphics (with transparency). They won't work on photos, drawings or other images.
Compatibility: the smart PSD documents have been tested to work with Photoshop CS5 and up. You need Photoshop to use these files - they won't work with other programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop Elements.
Important: the .asl layer styles included in this set won't work with Photoshop CS6 and older versions - they only work with Photoshop CC versions.
Other things included:
  • 18 JPG glitch textures: they can be used as backgrounds, layer masks or with blending modes in your designs.
  • 12 one click .asl layer styles: inspired by anaglyph effects, these layer styles can be used as a base to create more elaborate glitch art.
  • Free bonus: old TV mockup: paste your own pictures or glitch art in this smart PSD mockup! It's fully layered and editable.
What's included:
You will receive 1 ZIP containing:
  • 12 smart PSD text effects files
  • 18 JPG glitch textures
  • 1 .asl file with anaglyph layer styles
  • 1 PDF instructions sheet
  • 1 bonus PSD old TV mockup
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CM - 24 Styles - Gold Collection 1994623


  • Easy to use
  • All in one PSD
  • Easy to change
  • ASL for Photoshop inlcuded
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Photoshop Styles - Gold Paint Effect

Photoshop Styles - Gold Paint Effect
1 ASL | JPEG preview | 17,9 Mb

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CM - Mega Bundle 250+ 3D Text Styles 1978530


PSD | 185 MB RAR
Hello, this is MEGA Bundle 250+ Realistic 3D Styles.
  • Super realistic 3D Effect
  • 250+ styles already included ( change with one click only )
  • Free color picker already included ( pick with one click only )
  • You can combine styles + color picker for different result
  • Smart Object based (Change the text/shape with only one click)
  • Works with both text and shapes
  • Works with simple one-colored vector graphics
  • Works with Logo images, if the image is one-colored
  • Keep in mind, that your text/shape/vector/logo must be with transparent background
  • Format (3000 x 2000 px)
  • 72 dpi / RGB
  • Photoshop Source Files
  • All Paragraph/Objects and Layers organised and grouped
  • Strong, Clean Modern Layout
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CM - Neon layer styles for Photoshop 1807025
CM - Neon layer styles for Photoshop 1807025
Create your own digital neon signs with this set of 55 layer styles for Photoshop! These are .asl format layer styles, sometimes called "one click effects" and are very easy to use. Just add them to your Photoshop Styles panel, and click on one of the thumbnails to apply the layer style to your text or design. All the effects are fully editable, scalable, and non destructive.
I've also included two add-ons layer styles to create a contour around the neon sign and a glossy finish. These styles are optional and can be combined with any of the colored standard neon layer styles, by duplicating the base layer and applying these styles.
There are two color schemes available: bright and pastel, as well as two different neon tube styles (standard and stroke). Standard styles work well for shapes that already look like neon tubes, and stroke styles can be applied to objects such as bold fonts.
Also in this set, a collection of simple base shapes that can be used to create your neon signs. These shapes are provided in vector format (AI and EPS) and as individual 300 DPI PNG documents with transparent background.
In this set:
  • 12 standard bright neon styles
  • 12 standard pastel neon styles
  • 12 bright stroke neon styles
  • 12 pastel stroke neon styles
  • 1 standard white neon style
  • 1 white stroke neon style
  • 3 broken/off neon styles
  • 2 add-on layer styles (contour & glossy finish)
  • 1 cable generator layer style
  • neon sign shapes bases (AI, EPS and PNG)
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CM - AL's Dirty Ink Press 1880261


PSD | 964 MB RAR
L's Dirty Ink Press uses Photoshop smart layers (smart objects), so all you have to do is paste your compound artwork in to the smart layer, save and you're done. This is a product that I use every day when i am design prints there needs a authentic look and feel and it saves me a lot of time.
What you get:
  • 2 x AL's Dirty Ink Press PSD files (4500x3000px Landscape & Portrait)
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • File Type: PSD
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CM - Cute Metallic Textures and Patterns 1680467
CM - Cute Metallic Textures and Patterns 1680467
CM - Cute Metallic Textures and Patterns 1680467
CM - Cute Metallic Textures and Patterns 1680467


Amazed and proud to bring you an adorable collection of 200 metallic textures. I've done my best to embrace fascinating gold, silver, copper and blue textures to complement your project with glitter or foil touch. Each texture is made in high-res, suitable for instant print. As a bonus, discover 24 hand-drawn patterns, dreaming and breathing to rejoice your toolbox with their pure vibrancy.
Each texture is going to bring you its special mood and ambiance - so don't hesitate to use them for branding, logo design - or rush into creating high-fashion metallic graphic for the blog, website, ebooks, stationary and even greeting cards you're for. Anyhow, your artworks will get full of enigmatic shimmer, sparkling and stardust - and the talent you've shared with the community will never go unnoticed.
  • 200 hi-res textures (JPG, 3200x2000px, 300dpi)
  • Swatches for Photoshop
  • 4 color solutions
  • 24 hand-drawn patterns (EPS, PNG, JPG)
  • Well organised files in folders
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