Procreate Brushes - Galactic Lens Flare

Procreate Brushes - Galactic Lens Flare

20 .BRUSH | 4,99 MB

CM -


Here is my first Brush-Pack for the Procreate App. This Brush Pack includes 5 of my most favourite brushes I created especially for lettering. Highly recommended for all kinds of calligraphy/lettering/typography for beginners and advanced writers!
  • Requirements
  • IPAD Pro
  • Procreate App
  • Apple Pencil
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CM - Watercolor Artistry 866560


ABR | 189 MB RAR
This pack contains 70 watercolor photoshop brushes (strokes & splatters). Also available in standalone images (around 200+ images with various color). With these useful add-ons, you can make an unlimited watercolor touch on your designs, photos, illustration even logo designs.
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CM - 17 Fractal Circle Brushes 1875977


In this product you will find:
  • 17 high resolution fractal circle brushes 2500 x 2500px created with Photoshop CS6
  • 19 coloring photoshop styles (working best with a white brush on a black background)
These brushes are useful for:
  • Commercials and posters made for art events
  • As a background decoration
  • As part of a circular explosion
  • everything related to circles, rings etc.
  • Using them on pictures which have some magical or fantasy topic
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CM - Procreate Brushes Winter Pack 1951690


Procreate Lettering Brushes | Winter Pack + Bonus
Make beautiful lettering projects using the iPad Pro. Brush for lettering and texture
Included with Procreate Brush Winter Pack + BONUS texture chalkboard and watercolor
15 Procreate brushes custom designed to look just like your favorite brush lettering and texture
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CM - Winter Stamp Brushes for PS 1941111
CM - Winter Stamp Brushes for PS 1941111


This big set of PS brushes with beautiful textures will definitely help you to add an authentic feel to your design so easy. You'll get two types of brushes that perfectly match each other: natural imprints of a variety of leaves and lovely winter clipart with textile, wooden and brick textures, carefully overlaid and transformed into the stamp brushes for a super quick and easy use.
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CM - Vampire Eyes [Action and Brushes] 1952875


You will find the action and the brushes in the files Vampire Eyes.atn and VampireVeins.abr
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CM - Magic brushes -lights, bokeh, tinsel 1886304
CM - Magic brushes -lights, bokeh, tinsel 1886304
It happens sometimes, that our cameras are not able to convey what we see, such things as lights of garland or stars in night sky. And not always photos can reflect our emotions completely. For such cases I have made this set of brushes :)
Advantages of the set:
  • It’s small but capacious and varied. These brushes will help you transmit bokeh, stars, snow, lights of lanterns and garlands + you can add on the photo glitter, sparkle or confetti, fit to your mood.
  • I offer you brushes, not overlays. This means that only you decide where and how strong will be the effect. Delicate or bright, everywhere or in a corner - everything is in your hands.
  • With these brushes you can not only work with photos. You can create greeting cards, invitations or anything else - don't stop your imagination!
  • Easy to install and use (see the video in preview).
  • You can easily change the color of brushes.
  • Set contains monochrome brushes and also multicolored (see a Quick brushes guide).
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CM - Fluid Design Photoshop Brushes 1890454


ABR | 100 KB RAR
The Fluid Design Brush Collection- Hi friends, I made these after seeing so many lettering artists use this fun style in their work- so I created a brush collection that act as stamps with FIFTY brushes to make your life easier.
  • 50 brushes in ABR format
  • Sizes range from 40-356 pixels
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CM - Pattern Procreate brushes 1924475

Brush | 20 MB RAR
This Procreate brushes set includes a collection of 27 seamless pattern brushes, to create varied textures or to add shading to your illustrations! There's a also a bonus inker brush included, so you can use this one to trace the outlines of your drawings.
These brushes are divided into 3 categories:
• 14 halftone/screentone/pattern brushes (halftone dots, lines, cross pattern,...)
• 11 hand drawn pattern brushes, such as crosshatching and parallel hatches
• 2 texture brushes (toner ink and stipple)
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CM - Watercolor Procreate 6 Brush Bundle 1890474


A complete set of professional brushes for watercolor lettering and painting in Procreate app on iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Bundle contains 6 carefully hand-made brushes that I use everyday.
6 brushes for the price of 3, for a limited time.
Included in the bundle:
1. Watercolor Calligraphy Brush Works magically like real watercolours, complete with a slight feathering of the edges, automatic fading just like when a brush runs out of colour, and layering of transparent strokes. Took me a long time to get it just right. Also uses a little 'streamline' to make all your curves automatically smoother. Available in my store as a separate brush. (It's a bestseller!)
2. Watercolor Outlining Brush A thin brush that changes thickness and opacity on pressure to simulate strokes done with a thin paintbrush and watercolors.
3. Watercolor Painting Brush Closest thing to using real watercolors. Fades on pressure so you can layer strokes to create the watercolor effect. The florals in above pictures are done using this. Complete with a little feathering.
4. Watercolor Painting Flat Brush A variation on the above without the fading on pressure for when you just want to do the base layers wth flat colors. Still creates a feathered and layered effect simulating watercolors.
5. Watercolor Washes Brush Of course, you also need to do the backgrounds. Perfect for creating large watercolor textures with just a few strokes. Layer some different colors for beautiful effects.
6. Watercolor Dry Washes Brush A variation on the above that simulates a dry brush. Great for smaller washes and when you want to introduce a different texture.
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ABR | 565 MB RAR
MANGA BRUSH MEGAPACK PLUS 2.0 - EVERYTHING COMIC ! Photoshop Screentones 1000+ Brushes
EVERYTHING MANGA 2.0 includes over 1000 screentones, brushes, and everything offered under the category of Manga / Comic. ? ?Over 1000 Photoshop brushes and patterns!
  1. Texture brushes - comic textures, simple hair textures. Liner Pens and Brushes.
  2. Hundreds of SCREENTONES!
  3. Clothing Materials & Decorations, such as: Lace, knitted fabric, frills, fringe decoration, stitch designs
  4. Graphic brushes - Blood and Action
  5. Underwater bubbles & air bubbles, soapsuds, liquid foam, gooey liquid, etc.
  6. Brushes to draw the Weather: Rain, snow, hail, clouds, fog, lightning
  7. Brushes to draw special Panel Borders: A dotted line made of dashes, a dotted line made of perfectly round dots, a splotchy line, a line made of many small criss-cross shapes, a line made of many small diagonal lines, knotted patterns/designs, a plant roots line, etc.
  8. Scatter brushes, such as: Christmas snowflakes, rose petals, feathers, confetti, glass shards
  9. Glowy & Celestial Things, such as: Stars, shooting stars, constellations, fireflies, fireworks, moon, sun, planets, galaxies, aurora lights, light beams, flexible light tubes, rock crystals, the glare on reflective surfaces, etc.
  10. Superpowers - Brushes to draw energy balls, electricity and other superpowers
  11. Environmental Aspects of Battle Scenes, such as: Explosions, flying dust particles & rock, impact craters, lava, etc.
  12. Textures for Different Ground Surfaces, such as: Rock, mountain, soil, beach sand, dry & cracked desert ground, cobblestones, pebbles, concrete, dirt & asphalt.
  13. Vegetation, such as: Shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, foliage, trees, bamboo sticks, etc.
  14. Textures for Objects & Environments, such as: Different types of wood, rusty metal, the walls of old dilapidated buildings, bumpy textures (both uniform & irregular bumps), etc.
  15. Brushes Specifically for Manga, such as: Curved speed lines, symbolic flowers often used in shoujo backgrounds, such as the ones here, cherry blossom flowers, white chrysanthemum, white roses.
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CM - Comic Screentone Manga Test Brushes 1890205


This is a tester kit to see if the Manga Brush packs will work on your computer with your current version of Photoshop. The MANGA MEGAPACK has over 1000 photoshop brushes as the ultimate kit for your comic creation! This tester kit contains 10 basic brushes from the MEGAPACK and will give you a small taste.
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CM - Dynamic Bokeh Brushes 1852860


You will find the 34 bokeh brushes in the file Bokeh.abr They are ready to use. They work with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 and every CC version (included CC 2017)
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